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Cookie Policy

When users enter the website of Four Housing their computer will be issued with ‘cookies’. Cookies are text files which identify a user’s computer. The websites create ‘session cookies’ to store some of the functionality and preferences of users navigating the websites. Cookies themselves do not identify data about the user but identify only the computer that is used. Session cookies are removed from your computer after visiting the websites. However, third party cookies may persist.

Four Housing uses third party cookies from Google Analytics to measure and analyse usage of the website so they can improve the service delivered to their customers. The information gathered about your computer will include:
  • IP address
  • Pages visited on the website
  • Browser type
  • Operating system
This data will not be used to identify any user uniquely.

Cookies used on our sites:
Cookie Source Cookie File Name Description
Google Analytics __utma This cookie is written to the browser on first visit to each website. It is used to determine unique visitors to each website.
__utmb This cookie is used to monitor each page visit and is set to expire every 30 minutes.
__utmz This cookie is used to determine where the user has visited the site from, whether from a direct link, referring link or website search. This cookie is updated on every page you view on each website.
Four Housing 4HAllowGoogleTracking These cookies are only stored when you close the banner at the top of the page informing you of our cookie policy.This cookie is deleted every 30 days.